Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heather @ 12 Weeks

Ok, Heather probably won't like the fact that I posted this picture. However, I think everyone would love to see the difference between 12 weeks and 40 weeks! Here's Heather a couple weeks ago after we cleared the 12 week hurdle. The little peanut has a heartbeat of 170 bpm. A lot of our friends/family insist that means we're having a girl. However, we're going to wait for the good doctor to give us the official decision in early August. She's not showing a whole lot, however, something tells me that will change!

Our first post

Welcome to! Heather and I will be (hopefully) continually updating this site along the journey of our lives. We've got a busy couple of months ahead of us, with my sister's wedding in late June, a trip/wedding to Turks & Caicos in late July, and the expected delivery of our first peanut in December. We'll be sure to post as much information and photos as possible. We look forward to hearing from all of our friends and family.

Heather & Matt


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