Saturday, December 26, 2009

First Christmas and Birthday

Hard to believe that today is Brady's first birthday! All day Matt and I have been recounting the events of this day one year ago and it feels like it was just yesterday. So much has happened in the last year, yet it went by in a flash. How is that possible?!

Post-birthday dinner at home, Braden is 1!

The last week has been both a blast and a disaster... Last Sunday we had Brady's birthday party at my parent's house; just a small gathering with immediate family. Brady loves animals, so the theme was farm/barnyard. Brady was an adorable little farmer! But later in the evening, Brady started sniffling and his nose has been running non-stop ever since. Our poor baby was sick for his first Christmas and birthday... hopefully he'll start feeling better soon!

Got cake on his pants so they had to go!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with the Stetzer family and Brady had his first encounter with Santa (aka, Dad). He wasn't sure what to make of him, so we couldn't get any good shots with the Jolly guy. Maybe next year!

"Hmmm... Santa, you look really familiar..."

Christmas Day was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Eatherton's new home and was very relaxing. Matt's sister Lindsay is due on Jan. 12th, so next Christmas will be a little more crazy than this one, in a good way of course!

Brady received tons of gifts from all his relatives; Mom and Dad don't know what to do with everything! Our condo looks like a Toys R Us exploded in it... we could definitely use a basement right about now.

"What should I play with next?!"

Now that the holidays and Brady's birthday has passed, we are hopeful that we can slow down a bit and just enjoy our toddler! That is, until it's time to pack and move... more to come on that later!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Overdue- Nov & Dec Update

It was much easier to update the blog before Brady was mobile! But now he's constantly on the move and so are we. Before we get into the rush of the holidays, I just wanted to share some pictures from the last few weeks and most importantly, Brady's first Thanksgiving.

Brady's curiosity is growing and growing, so he's into absolutely everything! I'm starting to worry that he'll think his name is "NO!" :) He is starting to test his words and can identify almost everything by pointing. His first real word was "hot" and he uses it to describe everything, even the snow! We're working on "cold", but that might take awhile. After "hot" came "out" and "up", which sound very similar to "hot", so maybe it's just the same word... but we think he means different things! He is getting very good at animal noises and his favorites are cow, monkey and horse. Hopefully we can get them on video and posted on here soon.

Brady, aka "Young Frankenstein", has been taking steps for the last 6 weeks or so. It started with one or two, then progressed to about 8-10... but as of today, we officially declare that we have a walker! Not 100% sure when you can use that label, but he is choosing walking over crawling as his main form of transportation, so I think that qualifies! We are tickled to see him on the move in the upright position and couldn't be prouder. More trouble lies ahead now, I'm sure!

Hard to believe his first birthday is in less than two weeks. We are excited to celebrate this amazing milestone with our family, as well as Brady's very first Christmas. More pictures to come soon!

Thanksgiving 09

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scary Lion

It was a quick Halloween. However, seeing him in the Lion outfit for 20 minutes made the entire day:

Walk like an Egyptian

Strollin' down the hallway...only a matter of time until he doesn't need help:

Bubbles for Braden

This cracked us up. He apparently has a problem with the verse (they learned it at Gymboree):

Brady & Tinley: Wrestling with rope

Brady loves playing tug-o-war with his furry brother:

Brady & Tinley: No Barking!

Heather and I constantly yell at the dog for barking...look who is helping with the discipline:

Brady & Tinley: Playing Fetch

Brady loves throwing the dog toys around and getting Tinley to play fetch or keep-away...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

One or two weeks to go

The old house came down on February 17, 2009 and the latest update from the builder is that they can move in the week of 11/9. Hard to believe that they're down to the final weeks. Everything in and out of the house is looking spectacular. It's been a fun 9 months watching the progression and the happiness that it's brought to my parents. Here's some of latest/greatest:

Appliances coming this week:
My mom's office...lots of cabinet space:
Living room (just screaming for flat screen):
2nd floor hallway:Dining room:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

University or Resort?

We thought we've seen some neat schools...but as of last weekend nothing compares to what we saw at Stanford. We spent an hour wandering thru the campus and we're not sure how anyone at this campus studies...

Checkin' out NorCal

Heather and I did some reconnaissance last weekend in San Fran to see if it's a city we could live in. Well, to cut to the chase, it is. We've been to SFO to do the touristy thing (Alcatrez, Golden Gate, Napa, etc.)....but we've never done the Silicon Valley area (Palo Alto, Mountain View, etc.). My company is creating an office in Silicon Valley, so we're contemplating a family move. That way I can be close to the hub of activity at my company and the family can try something's too short, right?

Northern California is so neat. It has an interesting blend of Florida, Arizona, and the north woods of Wisconsin. Where else do you see super colorful flowers, under a palm tree, next to a Redwood pine tree?!

We're working on renting out our place in Chicago and if that goes well, we just might be on our way to SFO. Nothing official as of right now, but we just wanted to keep everyone posted as to where we were in the process. Here are some pics from our weekend trip:

These are from the downtown Mountain View (seems to be top choice so far) area:

And here's San Carlos (in foothills)...neat town, but a bit of a commute for Matt...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brady's 9 month pics!

I've been lagging in my updates lately and I do have some great pics of Brady eating, crawling and doing other silly business that I need to get up here... but I just couldn't wait to upload these great pics we got today of Brady for his 9 month "birthday". He's such a handsome little man- he'll be 1 before we know it!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NBA in Vegas

We were out in Vegas over Labor Day for Heather's brother's 21st bday. While we were out there, Mike, his buddy Adam, and myself jumped in a cab and headed over to a local gym where my cousin works. He trains NBA players in the off-season...rough life, huh?

We sat and watched a casual game of 5-on-5...all 10 guys are NBA players. It ranged from guys like Tayshaun Prince to Austin Daye to Rudy Gay. Sorry, I'm a terrible photog and didn't get many good pics.

My cousin Andrew is the red-haired guy sitting on the bench next to the guy in the Pirates hat. On the court, that's Tayshaun Prince with the left hand in the air, Tyronn Lue with the ball, guarded by Rudy Gay:

J.R. Smith (he didn't miss many shots) is in red shorts on the far right and Tayshaun again in the foreground:

Mike, Adam, and myself outside the gym:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting into the groove... sort of!

Three weeks ago I said "so long" to the only job I've ever known... to work for the toughest boss I've ever had! Brady and I are testing each other's boundaries and so far, I think he's ahead :) But I'm happy to be home to see him learn and grow; truly an opportunity of a lifetime.

It was hard to say good-bye to Leo Burnett and the co-workers I've spent so much time with over the last 9 years. Who knows... I may be back :)

Leo Burnett building, from across the river

The Kellogg's Snacks team

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Sox Game

Just like the zoo and the map (see prior post), we think Brady had a better time playing with the ticket stub, than he did with the game entertainment. We got to the game during the 5th inning and left in the 7th inning. Oh well...still some great pics from our first trip to the park...many more to come.


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