Saturday, May 15, 2010

Albert Pujols

Well, not really....but getting close! Sorry about Heather's commentary... a little too close to the mike.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just another dinner at the Eatherton's...

Beach weekend

This past weekend, Amanda came to visit and we used this as a good excuse to be tourists! On Friday afternoon, we visited Half Moon Bay, which was to be Brady's first trip to the beach. But it was extremely windy, so we never made it past the trail. He had a blast playing "Digger Man" with the sand in the parking lot (sad, I know), and we promised to take him to a real beach as soon as possible.... which turned out to be the very next day! Saturday we went to Santa Cruz, where they have a boardwalk and beach (we're told it's the boardwalk shown in the end frame of the old "Step By Step" show intro, if that makes any sense). Anyway, the weather was beautiful and even though the water was freezing, Brady's little toes finally made it into real beach sand and real ocean water! He couldn't have been any happier :)

Digging in the parking lot at Half Moon Bay

A rare "looking at the camera" moment

Always happy to be "on the loose"

Half Moon Bay beach

On the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, with Auntie Manda

Return of the Digger Man

First dip into the Pacific Ocean!

Horsin' Around

Playing in the backyard with Grandma

Brady's first parade!

Always chasing Daddy!

Playing in the water with Joslyn

Brady's first campus tour

A few weeks ago, Brady went away to college! No, not to Standford University, which is only 5 miles away... the family took a quick road trip to UC Berkeley and had a great time storming the campus! Brady even tried out for the football team while he was there. They're getting back to us about a scholarship :)

Mingling with the students

"Right here Dad, I'm open!"

He walked/ran up that whole hill himself!


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