Tuesday, October 20, 2009

University or Resort?

We thought we've seen some neat schools...but as of last weekend nothing compares to what we saw at Stanford. We spent an hour wandering thru the campus and we're not sure how anyone at this campus studies...

Checkin' out NorCal

Heather and I did some reconnaissance last weekend in San Fran to see if it's a city we could live in. Well, to cut to the chase, it is. We've been to SFO to do the touristy thing (Alcatrez, Golden Gate, Napa, etc.)....but we've never done the Silicon Valley area (Palo Alto, Mountain View, etc.). My company is creating an office in Silicon Valley, so we're contemplating a family move. That way I can be close to the hub of activity at my company and the family can try something new....life's too short, right?

Northern California is so neat. It has an interesting blend of Florida, Arizona, and the north woods of Wisconsin. Where else do you see super colorful flowers, under a palm tree, next to a Redwood pine tree?!

We're working on renting out our place in Chicago and if that goes well, we just might be on our way to SFO. Nothing official as of right now, but we just wanted to keep everyone posted as to where we were in the process. Here are some pics from our weekend trip:

These are from the downtown Mountain View (seems to be top choice so far) area:

And here's San Carlos (in foothills)...neat town, but a bit of a commute for Matt...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brady's 9 month pics!

I've been lagging in my updates lately and I do have some great pics of Brady eating, crawling and doing other silly business that I need to get up here... but I just couldn't wait to upload these great pics we got today of Brady for his 9 month "birthday". He's such a handsome little man- he'll be 1 before we know it!


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