Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quick Overnight Trip

A couple weeks ago, our friends Becky and Alex came to LA for a visit, so we met up with them halfway in Paso Robles for a night. The entire trip only lasted only 24 hrs. (including 2.5 hr drive each way), but Brady was a real trooper. He even hung out and watched Caillou while the adults did a wine tasting at Justin Vineyard (we HIGHLY recommend a visit here!)

After wine tasting (or in Brady's case, water tasting), we had an amazing dinner and stayed at a beautiful hotel called La Bellaserra. Brady was in heaven taking a bath in our jacuzzi tub, and on Sunday, he even got to swim in the heated pool with Daddy.

Brady gave our quick trip to Paso Robles two thumbs up. Mom & Dad too! While it's no Napa Valley, Paso Robles has several wineries and a super cute downtown area, without the high ticket prices.

A Soccer Star is Born

I'm still catching up on posts, so please bear with me! Last month, Brady started Daddy & Me soccer. It's actually called Mommy/Daddy & Me, but let's get real... soccer is Daddy's thing, even at a 2 year old's level.

You might be thinking that soccer "lessons" for a 2 year old is ridiculous, but it's been a really fun experience. In addition to learning the very basic fundamentals of soccer, he's also learning to listen and follow instructions, and Coach Pam reinforces colors and shapes. The boy has one heluva soccer stance too!

Only a couple more lessons and I think he'll be ready for his first pair of toddler cleats!


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