Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heather @ 16 Weeks

Our 16 week doctor's appointment was on July 1 and we heard the peanut's heartbeat yet again. It dropped a bit to 155 bpm, from the previous 170 bpm at the 12 week mark. The doctor said that this is normal and it will continue to drop until the baby enters the "real world". We were talking about how crazy it is that a little baby's resting heartbeat starts off at 170 bpm+, then drops to ~110bpm when born, lowers again to 60-90 bpm as a toddler/young adult....and then slowly rises again well into his/her elder years. Crazy.

Anyway, Heather is definitely showing a bit more and has a few more pounds on the scale. The doctor says she looks great and is right on schedule.

Heather insists that she has felt the baby move a couple times, which is conceivable. The doctor said that it's often very subtle and increases in magnitude as she approaches the 20 week mark. December 18 is still the due date as of right now. We find out the sex in just under 4 weeks!

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  1. When Matt says, "we were talking about heart rates..." he means that he thought about all that all by himself. I concern myself more with what's for dessert ;)



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