Monday, February 16, 2009

Brady loves playdates!

In the last few days, Brady has had two very fun playdates. We just love making new friends!! Last week, we went up to Wrigleyville and met Emilee and Caroline Wolfe and Emily and Jack Walker for the first time. Brady spent most of the day sleeping (riding in the car just has a way with him!), but once he woke up, we were able to snap these shots...

Who's that munchkin in the middle?!

Brady likes his ladies a little older :)

Then, today, Auntie Denise was CRAZY enough to have all the ladies and babies over to her house for the largest playdate I've ever seen... 14 kids total! Again, Brady spent most of the day asleep, but we got a rare shot of all the Chicago kids together (we missed you Orr-Depners and Bertelsens!)

All the kiddos!

Brady and Mikayla

Joey and Brady

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