Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Home Chicago

We just returned from a whirlwind trip to Chicago and Boston/Maine and are trying to get readjusted to life back in Cali. We had an amazing time with family and friends and are missing everyone terribly! Why does time have to go by so quickly?!

Brady loved spending quality time with his Gamaws and Gampa/Papa, Aunts, Uncles and his adorable baby cousin "Aubee", and we are so thankful for Matt's family taking great care of him while Matt and I attended his friend's wedding on the East Coast (separate post to come).

It took about an hour for me to get all the photos from our trip downloaded (587 pics total!), so I obviously cannot post all of them here. But, I have to post a few of the highlights, so here we go...

Playing his new favorite game, Ring Around the Rosey

Mowing the lawn with Papa (yes, it's dusk)

Hanging with friends at McCollum Park

Spending time with Great Grandma Hanson

Brady & Papa with matching Stanford hats

Learning to play Bags with Uncle Mike (even though he's a Cubs fan)

Brady with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Rauktys (aka "Padapa Do & Bubbo")

Always pouring... New water table at Grandma & Grandpa Eatherton's

Brady, Matt and Aubrey

Baby Aubrey... what an adorable ham!

Oh how we missed those kissable cheeks!

Lindsay and Aubrey- Happy 4th of July!

Shooting the water gun (aka "pow pow") with Uncle Justin & Aunt Meg

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