Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Week Ahead!

Valentine's Day and "Find Out The Sex Day" is this week! Same day, actually. We're all abuzz in the Eatherton household... don't know if we can make it 2 more days. Hard to believe we're almost at the midway point of the pregnancy too (18 weeks today). This is when I start packing on lbs., so we thought we'd take our first photo to chronicle the growth.

I'm a little bigger than I was with Brady at this point (they say you show faster with #2), but not too big yet. If you're wondering why I looked bigger at 13 weeks that I do at 17 weeks, well, I was trying to be dramatic for the photo's sake back then (the "announcement" photo/post).

Here is Baby E #2 a couple days ago, at 17 weeks... the size of a turnip.

Onward and outward!



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