Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cole's First Bath

I know what you're thinking... Cole is almost a month old and you're just giving him his first bath?! No, no, sillies. I just got my first "free" moment to catch up on my posts!

For the record, it took 17 days for Cole's umbilical cord to fall off. We were beginning to think that he was going to go to Prom with that nasty little thing! I honestly cannot believe that I left it alone for that long; I am such a picker and it was screaming "do it! do it!"at me every time I changed him. But I was good, and as soon as that shriveled little raisin fell off, it was straight to the sink!

Unlike his big brother, who screamed and cried through his first (and second, and third...) bath, Cole very much enjoyed his first time in the "tub". Perhaps because his "tub" is the comfiest looking thing ever! In fact, I'd like to take a bath in it myself. It's called a Blooming Bath, and I knew I had to get it the moment I saw someone blog about it months ago.

Doesn't it look dreamy??

"Cover my goods, Dad!"

"Hi Internet peeps!" 

Brady helping out

I look forward to the first time we can put both boys in the bath together, but until then, I think little CJ will be very happy in his private flower :)


  1. This bath is amazing! How did you discover it? I love that he can be upright without you holding him up!

    1. I saw it first in this post on DesginHer Mama (
      I didn't get it for months later though, so I had to pay full price :( Honestly, the driving force behind me getting this specific tub (beyond it's comfy-ness), is that we have a very small kitchen sink and a traditional tub just wouldn't have fit. This bath looked way more supportive than that Puj Tub that would have also fit, and it was the same price.

      For the record, he does slip down in it (more so than in the tub we had for Brady that had a sling seat), so I do have to keep one hand on him at all times. Unless, of course, I'm taking his picture :)

      It is a bit of a pain to dry it out (we have to carry the very wet flower to a hook in the shower), but it can go into the dryer if you prefer that route. And since he's only bathing 2x a week right now, it's not that big of a deal. By the time he's bathing every day, he'll hopefully be big enough to go into the regular tub.

      Overall, I highly recommend it!

  2. Those flowers look awesome! I wish I had one for my little guy. It would be so much easier than using the bathtub ;)He's absolutely adorable!

    1. Thanks Kari! And congrats to you on the birth of Pilot. I love all his hair!! Looks like we had our "little" guys just one day apart. Hope you are getting some rest and lots of help!

  3. I love this thing. We used a poor man's version of this with Hannah (a spongy thing that was meant to go into a baby bath - which she hated, so we just put the sponge in the kitchen sink.) God, I hated drying that thing out. So awesome when she didn't need it anymore. But I'm really considering buying this one for Baby Murphy #2 - because it looks so comfy!

  4. Carey-- I must tell you that we stopped using this bathtub for Cole about 2 weeks later as it was such a pain to dry and store it. It is a GREAT product and it worked really well in the sink, but we just did not have the space for it when it was wet. So... please keep that in mind before you make a significant investment in one (I did see they now sell them at Buy Buy Baby for $39.99, so $10 less than I paid for it).

    But, if you have 2 tubs and a designated place for it to hang dry, go for it!



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