Friday, January 3, 2014

A boy and his dog.

To say that Cole is obsessed with Tinley would be an gross understatement. Brady was definitely into Tinley when he was very young (and sadly, his interest has faded over the years), but Cole, man is he all over this dog.

From the minute he wakes up, 'til the minute he goes to bed, he's always looking for "Tin-la" (the phonetic way he pronounces his name, so adorable!) He wants to give him water. He wants to give him (his) food. He wants to give him bones and his rope. He also wants to give him random things like cars, his paci, his blankies, and his... hat?! Nothing surprises me anymore.

Poor Tinley. He's getting up there in age (7.5 years, that's crazy!) and sometimes he just looks at me like, "really lady?!" But Cole is really very gentle with him and wants nothing more than to make him happy. So I let them be. After all, Tinley is very capable of getting up and running away if he's had enough, right?!

Yesterday, I was busy taking shots of my Holiday Card Holder, as part of my Catch The Moment 365 project, when I turned around to see this exchange between a boy and his dog...

2/365: A boy and his dog.

Cole is saying "hat? hat?" and Tinley is (clearly) saying, "no hat, no hat".

So Cole says, "that's okay Tin-la, I still love you."

And he does. No matter what.

For the record... here is the shot I was capturing when I got distracted with the cuteness on the couch. Now that the holiday cards have stopped coming in, my card wreath is complete. And it's so beautiful, I just can't bear to take it down with the rest of the holiday decor.

2/365: Blessed with wonderful family & friends.

I love looking at the faces of all the people I know and love. It might just have to stay up a little longer!

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