Friday, August 15, 2008

What a week!

You would have thought there was a full moon, but there wasn't. Just something in the water, I guess... From Tues., Aug. 12 through Thurs., Aug. 14, we welcomed 3 new babies into the world. Well, not "we", but our close friends. Halle Madelyn was born first, to Cortney & Jonas. Then Andrew Gerard to Valerie & Jim, and finally (2 weeks early!), Daniel Ryan born to Sue & Dan. All moms and babies are doing well! We look forward to meeting Halle and Andrew in the coming weeks, but caught our first glimpse of Danny tonight. What a beautiful boy!

Daniel Ryan Durkin

Uncle Matt getting some practice!

We also brought our 5th month of pregnancy to a close this week by finishing our 22nd week. Baby Boy Eatherton is getting quite active, letting Mom know that her pants are getting a little tight and he'd like more room to move! We even had our first case of the hiccups this week; Matt got a "kick" out of seeing my stomach move with each hiccup.

Here is a not so pretty picture to mark the occasion!

Look at me grow!

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