Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new definition for "fun"...

This weekend the Baileys made a trip up from STL for Drew's first visit to Chi town. Brady was so excited to meet his new buddy, he even brought out all his new toys to share! We hadn't seen Drew since Nov. and we couldn't believe how big he has gotten. He'll be on the move in no time!

It was fun to get a bunch of the DZs together for a playdate, and it became apparent that we now know a new definition for "fun" (although, the adults did get a little of their own playtime once the kiddies went to sleep)...

Drew checking Brady for ticks :)

Me with Ella, Emma and Drew

(back) Emma, Stephanie, me, Brady, Ella and Laura
(front) Valerie*, Kimberly, Bambi and Amanda
* Drew was napping!

Halle and Drew... born just one day apart!

Brady's laughing because Drew's naked... again!

Til next time buddy!

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