Saturday, September 25, 2010

21 months

Tomorrow, Brady will be 21 months. I don't know why, but it feels like a big deal. The next milestone is his 2 year birthday, and it's just around the corner. That's when we start describing him as a "2 year old", like, for the whole year. Pretty soon, the "monthly aging system" will be just a memory. He won't be our little "x month old" for very long.


Matt and I can't believe how much he has changed in the last few weeks. Especially when it comes to his communication skills. I wish I could say it was his size, but the poor kid is still wearing his 12-18 month clothes, no joke...

Brady has always been a good talker; words have just come naturally to him (wonder where he got that from?!). You only have to name an object once and he remembers it. Hence his immense knowledge of sea creatures and trucks, such as clams, seals pups and octopuses, and grapples, bulldozers and milk trucks... Anyway, when it comes to single words, I'm pretty sure he can say just about everything now. But it seems like almost overnight, he went from one or two-word descriptors to broken sentences.

For example, we usually start each day with this conversation over breakfast... "Bob. Help! Anmal. Jungle. Crocile. Pond. Stick." Translation: "On Bob the Builder, there's a jungle crocodile in the pond, that turns out to be a stick".

And they say TV is bad for kids!

From morning 'til night, the words fly like bullets. We put him down to bed around 7:30/7:45pm and sometimes he'll babble to himself until 9. We listen in on the monitor and just laugh and laugh. He's just a riot!

If it weren't for all the tantrums, this would be my most favorite time of his life!

We'll get a video of his antics up on here soon...

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