Monday, September 6, 2010

White Sox in Oakland!

I need to catch y'all up on all the things we've been doing over the last month or two, because I'm still way behind. In today's installment of "All things Eatherton"...

The last weekend of July we went to the Oakland Athletics game vs. the White Sox, yeah! We got amazing seats for the game from Matt's parents (about 18 rows behind the Sox dugout), but because we got there about an hour and a half before the game, we met some really nice guys who offered to give us their seats right behind the dugout because they had to leave early.

We never thought that Brady would make it long enough to get the great seats, but he was a champ, even though it was a million degrees out. One hot dog, nachos, ice cream and a bottle of water later, we got down close enough to touch the players (if that sort of thing was allowed).

The whole day was awesome, but the highlight definitely came at the end, when Mark Buehrle tossed Matt a game ball for Brady. He was over the moon! Brady too :)

The Sox ended up losing, but what can you do?!

Mom (reluctantly) shared her nachos

Most of that water ended up on his shirt

Needed ice cream to cool off, it was 85 degrees and we were in the direct sun

"Ozzie, stop checking me out!"

"Aye Yo, Paulie!"

AJ had the day off

Brady get up close and personal with the players

Kissing his game ball... mwah!

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