Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween

Even though this was Brady's second Halloween, it truly felt like his first! From carving pumpkins to trick-or-treating, he loved every minute of it all. Even putting on his costume; he couldn't get enough of his "workerman boots" (no joke, that's what he called them!)

We had a blast watching him run from house to house gathering his candy, even if he didn't want to put it in his bag! He would tell his friends, "Hurry. Run. Next house!"

A few days after Halloween, Brady said his first full sentence*. It was so funny that we can't help asking him to say it over and over and over again. Without being prompted, when we asked Brady where his candy went, he replied, "Mommy took it away!" Hilarious! Hopefully we can get a video of that up on here soon.

After getting a taste of his holiday excitement, we cannot wait for Christmas. Only 7 weeks away!

Scooping out "the guts"

Helping Dad with the "big one!!"

Having a blast pulling out the seeds

The finished products

A very happy Bob the Builder, ready to trick-or-treat

Not willing to give up the goods!

Having trouble taking just one
(And yes, the dads are really wearing shorts)

Brady and his buddy Leo

Getting candy from the pirates (Arrr matey!)

I wonder what Brady loves more, his mom or his sucker?!

Somehow, he ended up with two suckers!

Post-trick-or-treating dinner with friends

* On a side note, since Brady said his first full sentence, he's been putting more and more words together. Just today, he called his great-grandma Bubby to wish her a happy birthday and actually said, "Happy birthday to you!"

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