Monday, November 15, 2010

Last week, in photos!

Brady had a great time last week. On Wednesday, he met his friends Lyla, Bella and Bella (yes, that's two Bellas) at Happy Hallow Park & Zoo in San Jose. We heard about this place a long time ago, but never made it there for some reason. Man have we missed out! Brady enjoyed riding his first rides solo (cars and butterflies) as well as seeing a handful of animals. Okay, mostly lemurs, but still... he liked them!

Brady, Bella and Lyla

Brady with Lyla and Lyla's Mommy Jolie

Bella, Bella (hidden by first Bella) and Brady

Papa Stetzer was in town for work last week, so we got to see him for dinner on Wed. and Thurs., and then he spent the whole weekend here! Brady had a great time "chasing", "racing", "tackling", "wrestling"... and all the other boy things Brady is into these days.

On Sat., we checked out the Oakland Zoo for the first time and found it much more impressive than the San Fran Zoo. Brady had a great time running around looking for elephants and zebras, and was highly entertained by a "show" that a cage full of monkeys put on as we were leaving. Mom was scared to death, but Brady held it together. Just ask, he'll tell you all about the "screaming monkey"!

A sucker always cures the "I don't want to ride in the stroller" blues

That ape staring at my son stirred up quite a bit of trouble later in the day!

Papa pointing out the monkeys

Brady brushing a goat. And no, he didn't cause that bald spot.

It was hard to say good-bye to Papa, but we're looking forward to seeing him in a few weeks. We can't wait to spend some good old-fashioned quality time with all the family in Dec.!

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