Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Suck, no more!

Hi there, Brady again. Mom was going to write this post, but the news is so big, I thought you should hear it from me...

I don't have my pacifier anymore!!

That's right. On Friday, Mom, Dad and I took my "P" to the doctor's office and donated it to the sick babies, because I'm a big boy and don't need it anymore. It was hard handing it over to the nurse, but the big bowl of suckers sitting on the desk made it easier. I chose an orange one, and Mom was so proud of me for not crying, that she let me eat it before dinner. After the drop off, Mom and Dad took me out to dinner and then to Target so I could pick out any toy I wanted. I picked a bulldozer, of course. Yes, another truck. But this one is really special, because it comes with a power drill that let's me take the truck apart and put it back together!

That night, I asked for my "P" right before bed, but Daddy reminded me that the new babies had it and that they were sleeping with it now, so that made me feel better (being able to keep my "bankie" helped a little too!) I think my parents were nervous that I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep without it, but I did just fine. I don't know why they get all worked up about stuff sometimes...

I heard Mom saying something on Sunday about how she wishes they would have done this months ago. I have a feeling that they'll never doubt my ability to adapt to new situations again!

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