Monday, April 30, 2012

Life As Brady {3 years, 4 months}

When I wrote the "Day in the Life" post for the TAT link up a few weeks ago, it made me realize that we haven't been keeping a very good record of Brady's "everyday life". Thankfully we recorded his major milestones on this blog along the way, but once he rolled over, crawled, walked, talked, etc... we stopped making so many entries about what it is he likes to do/say/eat/play. So, every few months I'll do something like this to give you a glimpse into what life with Brady is like. If you want to know what it's reaaaaaallllly like, I'd be happy to drop him off at your house for a few days so you can see first hand :)

Height-- 38"
Weight-- approx. 30 lbs.
Clothing Size-- 2T pants, 3T tops (definitely on the smaller side)

- Brady goes to school 2 mornings a week from 8:30-11:30a. Then he stays on for "lunch bunch" from 11:30a-1p where he eats his lunch and plays with the kids from all the other classes who also stay for lunch bunch.

- He was taking gymnastics once a week, but that is over now and we look forward to swim lessons at the YMCA and soccer (by himself!) this summer. We are also going to look into a t-ball team for him join as well.

An quick interview with Brady revealed these answers to the following questions--

Brady, what is your favorite...

    •    Food-- chicken fingers
    •    Friend-- Lyla & Leo
    •    Teacher-- Teacher Rebecca & Miss Louise
    •    Friend at school-- Johnty & Lucas
    •    Animal-- kikachu bird
    •    Book-- Curious George
    •    Song-- Caterpillar, caterpillar creeping away, you'll be a butterfly one fine day. But first you      have to hang in a "J", then butterfly, butterfly fly away.
    •    Toy-- Excavator truck
    •    Show/Movie-- SuperWhy/Beauty and the Beast
    •    Stuffed Animal-- Chester (a doggie) & King Kong (gorilla pillow pet)
    •    Sport to Play-- Baseball (hitting the ball with a bat)

What do you like to play?
Snuggle. Tag games. All kinds of games.

What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy?
Projects & puzzles.

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
Build forts & chase him.

What makes you happy?
When I read books.

What makes you sad?
When people talk bad.

What are you most excited to do your baby brother?
Push him in the swing very slowly. Feed him milk in a bottle.

What do you like to call your baby brother?
Fitzgibbon, or Fitz.

Things you might hear Brady say these days...

- He ABUSES the word "apparently". To make it worse, he hold things in his fingers (like a pencil or a fork) like a cigarette and repeats the word over and over. I have NO idea where he got this from, but you can tell it makes him feel like a "grown up". So bizarre.

- "Can you put me on a show??" Yes, the boy likes his TV.

- "Where's my bag of toys?" Brady likes to carry around a zip lock bag full of random toys every time we leave the house. My "mom friends" think he's a hoarder.

- "Wanna snuggle?"

- "Can I have a snack?"

Other important details...

- He loves to smell his blankies (aka, his "polka dotties") and sleeps with one hand tucked inside a  corner where the satin border is coming loose.

- He loves to ride on his Strider balance bike (and is getting very good!), but is still trying to get the hang of his scooter. We'll probably get him a bike with training wheels this summer.

- He has become quite find of Tinley lately (lots of kisses and snuggles!) and likes to call him "Tinna Rinawee" (don't ask).

- He loves super heros (especially Batman & The Flash) and "all things fighting" (wrestling, ninjas, swords, pirates, etc.) Oh, and talking in jibberish. It drives Mom crazy!!

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