Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dear Brady

As you know, I like to link up with Melissa at Growing Up Geeky for her Toddle Along Tuesday posts, because her topics are always so lighthearted and fun (and easy to blog about!!) I've been looking forward to writing this post since last week and wouldn't you know it... Tuesday came and went and I missed it. This is SO a metaphor for my life right now.

But I had some really wonderful things that I wanted to say to my son, so even though it's Wednesday, I'm going to post it and link up anyway. Who said there were hard-and-fast rules in blogging anyway?!

This week's TAT (Toddle Along Tuesday) theme was "A letter to your kid in the future". Here is what I'd want Brady to know 10+ years from now (in case we don't tell him often enough along the way!)

Dear Brady,

This is a very chaotic and busy time for our family right now, but it is also extremely exciting. You are very much aware of what is about to happen in the next few weeks-- I can see the anticipation all over your face! But chances are you'll never remember what you were thinking, feeling or saying during these final weeks just before your baby brother was born, so I decided to write them down for you so would know just how much you wanted and loved your "baby Fitzgibbons" before he arrived... especially when 5, 10, 15 years from now you might find yourself wondering, "why'd he have to come along and ruin everything?" Believe me, I know the feeling; I have two younger siblings myself!

You have been open-minded and welcoming of this baby since the moment we told you you were going to be a big brother. You were even more gracious when you found out it was going to be a boy! You have never once said you didn't want the baby or shown any sort of uncertainty or disinterest towards him. This pleases Mommy and Daddy to no end and is a testament to just how big your heart is. You already have such a large capacity for love and compassion. I hope this continues after he arrives!

We nicknamed the baby "Fitzgibbons" somewhere around the 4 month mark and you took to it like a fly on honey. I think you just liked how silly it sounded! It's been hard to convince you that his "real" name is not going to be Fitzgibbons. You have tried to weave it into every name you've recommended to us (and you have recommended a lot!) Some variations have been:

     Baby Fitzgibbons

     Brady's Baby Fitzgibbons

     Fitzy Brady's Baby

     Fitz Charles Eatherton (you'd even share your middle name)

While we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm, I think Daddy and I will handle the naming of baby brother. But I do applaud your creativity, as you've come a long way since you originally suggested Rebecca and Jar Jar Binks. (Rebecca is a lovely name, just not so much for a boy!)

You love to give the baby kisses and sing him songs. Your first song of choice was "Jingle Bells", and this went on well after Christmas had passed. Now, you like to share your song with the baby (which is the lovely Girl Scouts tune, "I've got something in my pocket that belongs across my face...")

You light up when you feel him move and you laugh when he "kicks your lips" when you kiss him, though I'm not quite sure that really happens! You also give your brother a stern talking to when he's kicking me too hard ("hey Fitzgibbons, stop kicking Mommy so much, it hurts her!!")

You have picked out stuffed animals and books for your brother from your collection and put them in his room. We cannot wait to bring him home so you can give them to him. I love that you already can share your stuff with him, as I'm sure it won't be long until he's eyeing those Hot Wheels cars you love so much!

You are so patient and attentive when Mommy & Daddy talk to you about what life with a baby will be like. You are anxious to hold him, feed him a bottle and make funny faces at him, but you seem to understand that maybe you can't do those things right away. You show us the gentle way you are going to kiss and touch your baby brother's cheek when you meet him for the first time. I cannot wait for that moment!!

I know it won't be easy for you sometimes, but we will do our best to make sure that you feel loved and cared for every day. I hope when you read this letter many, many years from now you can tell us that we did our job well. You are our first born-- our teacher, our entertainer, our scholar, our jokester, our stand-out athlete and an all-around exceptional human being; you will always have a special hold on our hearts.

Mom & Dad


  1. This is sweeter than I expected from you ;) I bet B won't even remember life without his brother in a year or two!

    1. Ummm... thanks?! :) I was so much older when my sister and brother were born that I actually remember everything, but Matt doesn't remember life without his siblings. I imagine it will be the same for B-man.



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