Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cole is 2 Months old!

Some days, I can't believe Cole is 2 months old already. But then there are other days when I think, "it's only been 2 months?!" Not that I'm not enjoying every day with this little snuggle bug, but because I feel like I've known him forever!

Cole has been very busy these last 4 weeks. Just like his big bro, his mouth is moving a mile a minute! I love our daily "conversations" (and have almost every one on film, no lie!) His sounds of the moment include, "goooo", "gaaaarrr", and "ahhh-ahhh". And, I kid you not, the boy can already say "hi". Pure genius. His vocal stylings really max out during tummy time. He opens his mouth super wide and makes all kinds of noises that I can't really describe. He is having no trouble finding his voice, that's for sure!

Cole is really becoming much more aware of his surroundings and loves soaking it all in. He is also getting more tolerant of sitting in his Boppy chair and "playing" by himself, instead of wanting to be held during all his wakeful hours (phew!) His two favorite pastimes of late are watching his big brother Brady do anything and everything, and sucking on his hands! Call me crazy, but I SWEAR he's teething already. Brady didn't get his first tooth until he was 7 months old, but between the constant hand sucking and all the drool (so much drool already!!), I just have this feeling we'll be seeing some pearly whites sooner than later.

The best news of the last 4 weeks is that Cole actually slept through the night! Yep, he slept from 10 or 11pm until 5 or 6am not once, not twice, but for 6 days in a row!! Of course, that all came to an end last night, but I am so thankful for the break and hope we'll be on course to getting more regular sleep soon! I actually just cracked open Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth and plan to start sleep training him at 10 weeks. Fingers crossed he'll be just as good of a sleeper as his big brother!

Cole's 2 month check up is scheduled for next week, so I will post his stats after his appointment. My guess is that he's weighing in at a healthy 14 lbs, but we shall see! He's a very happy, healthy, BIG boy, but we love every inch of him.

So handsome!

The many faces of Cole!

Legs are getting straighter

One Month/Two Month Comparison


  1. It's amazing how it seems so fast and slow at the same time! Pilot just turned 2 months yesterday! It's so much fun to see them change! I love that he is smiling and laughing now!

    1. Yes, the smiling and laughing is what gets me through most days :)



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