Friday, November 30, 2012

Raising an Ad Man

It's official... marketing blood runs through Brady's veins. I'd like to think it's because he spent 9 months in utero roaming the halls of Leo Burnett, soaking up all the creative juices around him. But, chances are it's all the TV he's been watching lately, while we're dealing with his baby brother who doesn't like to nap...

It all started with his Christmas list-- Cuddleuppets. Stompeez. A pogo stick. All from commercials.

Then, a couple days ago, he asked Matt if he'd like some Chex Mix because "it's a bag of interesting".

Yesterday, we were singing Christmas songs and Brady belted out "Nationwide is on your side". Just to make sure he wasn't biased, I followed it up with "Like a good neighbor..." to which he replied, "State Farm is there". Yikes!

The clincher was this morning when he informed Matt and I that there was a man on TV that sounded like Tow Mater who has heartburn (Larry the Cable Guy is in a Prilosec commercial).

Something tells me we're going to be in big trouble when Brady starts telling people they should call their doctor if they've had an erection lasting more than 4 hours.

** Please note that all these commercials (minus Viagra) air during age appropriate TV shows. It's not like Brady's watching Dancing with the Stars or anything... ok, maybe he watches that. **

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