Monday, June 10, 2013

Another School Year in the Books!

I've said it before and I'll say again, I can't believe ANOTHER year has gone by. Friday was Brady's last day of Three School (I know it's confusing, especially since he's 4 1/2, but it's called that because he was 3 when it started) and I find myself just shaking my head...

The physical change isn't all that dramatic. Only a little taller, but definitely more mature looking. His smile is definitely getting... more natural looking. In the photo on the left, he's wearing 2T shorts, 3T shirt, 2T jacket and size 10 Nikes. On the right, he's wearing 3T shorts, 4T shirt and size 10/11 Crocs.

He continues to be extremely comfortable at school and very outgoing. Everyone (including parents) knows who Brady is and he is always being asked to attend birthday party and playdates. We often joke that he's the "Mayor of Montecito" (his school) because when we walk on the property, everyone calls his name and waves. It's crazy!

His teachers say is a joy to have in class. He is always welcoming the new kids and wants to include everyone in games and activities. He's very good at sharing and has learned that he doesn't have to be the first one to stand in line, answer questions, and share during Show and Tell.

Brady has developed a love for writing and drawing this year. The amount of "art" he brings home every day is overwhelming. He can write his first name clearly all by himself, and can write pretty much anything else if you tell him how to spell it. His drawings have really taken shape as well; his bodies have arms, legs, hands and feet, and his faces even have foreheads!

He continues to play with his best friend Lyla at school, but has also become a "boy's boy" and has started playing more with his buddies Lucas and Logan. And he really enjoys staying for the after-school enrichment program, where he gets to play with the bigger boys from the 4 and Pre-K classes. His favorite older friends are Robert and Calvin.

Brady & Lyla

Brady & Lucas

Brady performing at his Year End Sing-Along

Next year, Brady will be returning to Montecito for his 3rd and final year of preschool before he goes into Kindergarten. It's going to be a tough year because Lyla will be transferring to a school closer to her home and most of his other classmates are going into the 5 day program (Brady is staying in a 3 day program again next year). But because he's shown that he can adapt to any situation, I know he will do just fine.

Way to go buddy, Mom & Dad are so proud of you!

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