Monday, May 6, 2013

Brady Said What?! (Mother's Day 2013 Edition)

I didn't think it could get more bizarre than when I heard Brady tell Matt last year that they should get me a piece of asparagus for Mother's Day. Delicious? Yes. Practical? Yes. Desirable?! I don't think so.
Then I had this conversation today with Brady...

I should start off by saying, Brady cannot keep a secret. And he doesn't like to wait to give a gift. As soon as he makes/buys you a gift, you're getting it. So I knew something was coming out of his mouth right after we saw a commercial on TV where someone was getting a gift for Mother's Day--

Brady: "Mom!"

Me: "Brady, I don't want to know. If you have a secret for Mom about Mother's Day you need to keep it. Don't tell me."

Brady: "But Mom, I have to tell you. I'm giving you hummingbird earrings for Mother's Day. 2 hummingbird earrings. For you. For Mother's Day."

Me: "Brady!"

Brady: "They were $5."

Me: "Oh yeah, where do you buy $5 hummingbird earrings?"

Brady: "At the mall. At a store called 'Jewelry for Moms'".

Oh Brady, you sure say the funniest things. And you have a wild imagination.

(Note: I am 99.99999% sure there are no hummingbird earrings in my future. Thank goodness.)

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