Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brady goes to the dentist

I was playing around with Matt's phone, videoing some of Brady's antics at dinner tonight, when I came across this picture of Brady's first visit to the dentist. We totally forgot to chronicle this milestone!

We brought him in during our regular cleanings in Dec. and he was an absolute champ in the chair. He sat on my lap and let both the hygienist and Dr. Oliva look into his mouth before proclaiming it was time to go.

Dr. Oliva said his teeth look good (the brushing is paying off!), but it appears he has a bit of a cross-bite. Meaning, his top jaw in growing faster than his bottom jaw, causing misalignment. If it doesn't correct itself over the next few years, he may need orthodontic work at age 5. Crazy! Fingers crossed that it does. For now, Brady is enjoying his new toothbush!

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