Wednesday, March 14, 2012

52:9 & 52:10 (Slipping Way Behind...)

It's been a very busy March for the Eathertons, thought you'd never guess it by looking at this baron blog. If you're quiet, you can actually hear the crickets...

I dove head first into my other blog, and I'm really happy with the momentum we've picked up there this month... but all my planning, writing, DIY crafting and Pintereting (I think that's actually a word now) has caused me to seriously neglect this blog, and my role as family historian in general. Can you believe that I have only taken a handful of photos in the last 2 months? And even worse... that I just spent 4 days in Chicago without any toddler distraction, snuggled up to two beautiful newborn babies, and I never took my camera out of the bag once.

What is wrong with me?!

Aside from not having the time to post for Project 52, not having any photos to choose from makes sustaining a photo project extremely difficult. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stretching it with these two... But I am dedicated to making it to 52:52 and there's no shame in trying. With that, I frantically give you weeks 9 & 10, and hope to be caught up with 11 this Friday. Phew!
our family values friendship

Brady is a very outgoing child and has always
made friends easily. Since we moved to CA,
he's become very close to two kids (Leo & Lyla)
and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching
these friendships blossom. We value the relationships
we have with our friends from grade school,
high school and college, and hope Brady can
build long-lasting friendships as well.
our family loves all animals

{Well, except for cats... sorry}

Matt and I both grew up with pets, so we always knew
that we'd have a pet-friendly home when we had
children. By "Pet-friendly", I mean "dog" and the
"misc. pet" of our child's choosing (assuming the misc. pet
weighs under 5 lbs. and is not a snake or a cat).
We had the pleasure of pet-sitting Leo's fish
last week and I have to say, it was nice to have
another girl in the house (yes, Fireman is a girl).
I have a feeling come July, Brady will be getting
more than just a little brother...

Stay tuned for another installment of Project 52 in just 2 short days! I hope... :)

Interested in learning more about Project 52? Visit styleberryBLOG for more information. Shawna just had a new baby boy and her photos are amazing!! And check out these great blogs that I follow, also participating in Project 52-- What We're Saying...,Blossoms & Vintage, It's A Graham Life and Quiet Footsteps.

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  1. Friends and animals! What more do your little boys need? It looks like you have your hands full! Glad you're back!



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