Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's In A Name?!

After I saw this cute post on my friend Jen's blog, I decided to join in the "baby name story" fun too (Toddle Along Tuesday is a Link Up sponsored by Growing Up Geeky). It is, after all, all we think about these days. Ok, it's all I think about these days... Well, baby names and "when can I eat again?"

First, I'll share how Brady got his name.

We didn't even begin discussing baby names until we found out the sex, though I had already not-so-secretly named my unborn son & daughter about 10 years prior. Matt immediately veto'd Jacob when I suggested it, and to be honest, I shied away from it as well because it had become so popular in the last decade. And just like that, my dream of having a Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles replica was gone in an instant (I'm not joking. At all.)

We each spent some time coming up with our favorite names, then converged to discuss the lists one afternoon. One look at Matt's list and my response was, "are you trying to pick a fight with me?!" Some of the names on his list were just ridiculous... I'd love to share some of them, but because someone reading this may have a son with one of those names (and I like my face the way it is), I am not listing them here.

While we couldn't decide on a single name, we were able to narrow our list to our top 5 names: Braden, Kyle, Chase, Noah & Gavin. We kept the names secret and decided we would wait until he was born to see which name suited him best. In recovery, we called him each of the names and Braden just fit perfectly (we already knew then that we would call him Brady for short, too.) Over the years, he has really grown into his name and we know without a doubt we picked the right name for him.

People pressed us for our names along the way, but because we already knew the sex, we wanted there to be some sort of surprise come birth day. We plan to keep our name for #2 a secret as well...

... which brings me to now. Playing the name game for Baby Boy #2 has been much harder. Matt thinks we should just make it easy and choose from the 4 names we didn't use for Brady, but for some reason, it sort of feels like picking from the "rejects" to me. I think we should go back to the drawing board, but starting over is tough and we are having a much harder time agreeing this time 'round.

Braden's middle name is Charles, after Matt's grandfather, so we'd like to use a family name for this baby's middle name as well. This narrows the options for first names for me, because I'd love to do some sort of nickname with his initials (I know, I know, I'm weird), but I may just have to let that go.

I guess the next step is for us to retreat to our individual corners and come up with our list of faves. If there is even one name on the lists that overlap then I guess we've found our winner! Otherwise we'll have to go with our current nickname for the lil' peanut... Fitzgibbon Detail. Don't ask.

Stay tuned... name to be revealed sometime around mid-July!


  1. Jacob was on my unwritten list, but was veto'd before I could write it down! AND Braden would have been on my boy list had I never known you had a son named Braden. (For reals!) What about C.J. or A.J.? My friend is currently naming her unborn baby boy due mid-July too! Can't wait to hear.

  2. What ever happened to Justin? Or is that out of the question because of your obsession with Timberlake? Or Bieber? Kidding! So glad Erich and I agreed with Nathan right away because I feel like boys names are just harder. It was also Allison's boy name had she been a boy. Good luck! Can't wait!

  3. Thanks Mama G!

    Jen- I definitely love AJ & CJ. The names I'm looking at start with A, C, R and K :) And they have to sound good with Braden!

    Sarah- I actually really like the name Justin, all "Timberlake kidding" aside. But it's my BIL's name, so I should prob leave it for him in case he wants to use it for a future son. Hope you are doing okay. Let's chat soon!! xoxo



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