Saturday, March 24, 2012

To Move or Not to Move...

The weather here is awful... so it's a great day to snuggle up with a hot cup of coffee and my laptop and blog! Seriously, winter has finally come to NorCal (after a dry & mild Dec-Feb) and it's been raining and 50 degrees almost every day this month. Blah.

But that doesn't mean we can't keep ourselves busy. Oh no, there is plenty to do at the Eatherton household!!

After much debate, we decided a few weeks ago that we would not be renewing our rental contract and that we would look for a new house that had 3 proper bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Our current house is technically 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, with a "renovated" 1 car garage that they call a 3rd bedroom. Because it is not properly insulated and holds NO heat, we've called it an office/storage room for the last 2 years. The last thing I'd ever want to call it is a nursery.

But... after several Craigslist searches, some soul searching, talks with the landlord, more debate, tears and MANY conversations about how to a arrange a big move with virtually no help... we've now decided to stay in our shrinky-dink house. For two more years. Yowza.

Because the landlord agreed to make some improvements to the 3rd bedroom/garage to make it livable, we just couldn't justify a short-term move at this time... but we may need to add a port-o-potty in the backyard. Thank goodness there is a Starbucks in walking distance (the #1 reason why I agreed to stay where we are)!

With all that being said... we've got a lot on our plates right now. "Construction" on the 3rd bedroom/garage starts this Tuesday and Matt and I have been frantically distributing all the furniture, office materials and misc. storage from that room into the existing rooms in our house, as that will soon be Brady's new room. We've decided to leave all of Brady's furniture in his room and hand it down to his baby brother, which means that will become the new nursery.

And the good news for Brady? He gets a new room and new stuff, yay!

We've been searching for "big boy furniture" for B, but can't really do much until the construction is done. In the meantime, we've been adding shelving and other "creative storage solutions" to make room for all our crap in the laundry room, kitchen, playroom, etc... It's been an interesting process, to say the least.

Oh, and we have lots of stuff for sale! If you need an oversize chair/ottoman, a baker's rack, computer, computer desk, or many other misc. items, just let us know :) If it's not nailed down, we're willing to part with it.

It will be fun to see transition in almost every room in the house, so keep an eye out here for lots of before/after shots and updates on the madness! Looks like this is where we'll be for the next few years... visitors are always welcome :)

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