Friday, October 3, 2008

29 Weeks... or is it?!

Technically, we were 29 weeks pregnant yesterday. However, the doctor confirmed at our last appointment that the baby is still measuring "big"; approx. 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Not sure when or if our due date will be adjusted, but we're hopeful that maybe we'll get to meet our baby boy in early-to-mid Dec., instead of the stork delivering an extra special gift on Christmas Day. But, if he's anything like his Mom, he will be late. Very late. The good news for me is that when random people remark, "aren't you big for 6 months?!", I can now smile and say, "well, I might be almost 7 months, okay?" Yes, people actually stay stuff like that.

Here are a couple of beauty shots marking this week's milestone...

Chubby cheeks were purposely omitted :)

Too bad our little guy couldn't help pull off a Sox win...

October is going to be an exciting month! Besides our now bi-monthly doctor appointments, we have our 8 hour Great Expectations class at Prentice Hospital (yes, 8 hours), our first baby shower, and the baby furniture will be delivered. It's all starting to feel very real!

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