Sunday, October 26, 2008

32 Weeks

The little monkey is growing and growing, and in the 32nd week, he should be about 17 inches long and approx. 4 lbs! But since we're still measuring "big", who really knows how big he is?! What I do know is that sometime last Sat. he flipped himself and parked his little tooshie right in my ribcage and has been there ever since. The doctor said to get used to it because he's likely to be there for the remainder of his stay... But as long as he's head down, I guess that's a good thing, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

The "fireworks" (what I called his crazy kicking and punching) have slowed down as he runs out of room; now there's just more rolling back and forth. But always back to that same spot! Matt and I like to play "guess what that is?!" (elbow, knee, butt). The whole experience has been absolutely amazing. I will be so happy to welcome him into the world, but will probably be a little sad to have the whole pregnancy experience come to an end.

Here is a shot to mark week #32! Hard to believe we're less than 8 weeks from our due date...

Getting ready for our baby shower (sign says "32 weeks")

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  1. Heather... you look absolutely STUNNING! Let's talk... SOON :0)



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