Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let it Rain! Um... I mean Shower!

This past Sunday Matt and I had our first baby shower, given to us by his Mom Linda, sister Lindsay and sister-in-law Megan. Everything about the day was absolutely perfect! We walked into the restaurant to find the most adorable onesies hanging from clotheslines from the chandeliers and beautiful blue table decorations including personalized M&Ms, "It's a boy!" Hershey Kisses and "Thank heaven for little boys" ribbons. All it once it hit me-- I'm about to be seriously outnumbered at home!! Guests included Matt's childhood neighbors and "Soccer Moms" from Park Ridge as well as highschool friends and their significant others. Thank you to our family for giving us such a wonderful party and to our guests for all the gifts! We can't wait to dress up "Lil E" in all the cute clothes and bundle him in Matt's childhood blankie (yes, it made it's first appearance in 27 years!)

Some of the onsies that decorated the room

Matt and I opening gifts

The gracious hosts-- Megan, Lindsay & Linda (with prego!)

Lil E's first taste of being spoiled!

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