Friday, October 19, 2012

Brady Said What?!

So often Brady says or does things that I say I'm going to write down so we never forget it... but then I don't. And we forget. Before we know it we're going to have two little jabbermouths to keep track of, so I've decided that the blog would be a perfect place to catalogue all these little tidbits, considering this is their virtual baby book. Here are a couple of good ones of late--

A few weeks ago, I told Brady to be careful around Cole. Brady said...

"Yeah, cuz he's made out of glass. And skin."

This morning, Matt asked Brady what he wanted to be when he grew up. Brady said...

"I want to be the government. And a Manager, like Daddy."

Not work FOR the government. He wants to BE the government. And a Manager.

One thing is for sure, Brady is not interested in working for The Man. He's going to be The Man, one way or another.

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