Sunday, October 7, 2012

Then & Now: One Month

Oops! I just realized this post was still in "draft" and that I never published it. I could just delete it, but it's too good not to share...

Sometimes I still can't believe I have 2 kids. It feels like I'm speaking a foreign language when I am talking about Brady and Cole and refer to them as "my children". No longer just "my son Brady"... I have children. Yikes!

I'm sure the first rule of having more than one child is to never ever compare your kids. Ever. I'll try to keep that in mind as they continue to grow, but for now, I just can't help myself. Seeing Cole in Brady's old clothes and in his chairs and swing, I can't help but recall the moments Brady was in the exact same place, at the exact same age. Luckily, I take about a zillion photos of my kids, so I'm able to literally place these moments side-by-side for comparison.

Like this one... of Brady and Cole in the same newborn size sleeper from Carter's, in the blue Boppy chair, at exactly one month.

Cole was only 1 lb 5 oz larger than Brady at birth, and we are amazed at how much of a difference that has made. We had a big box of newborn diapers that we desperately tried to use up, but after the first week, we reluctantly went up to size 1. And while I can still get him in a few of the newborn sleepers, Cole has primarily been wearing 3 month clothes already (something Brady didn't do until, well, 3 months).

If he continues to grow at this rate, he'll be bigger than his big brother in no time. Poor Brady!


  1. I can't believe how different they look! That is one thing I can't wrap my head around...what this second child will look like. I never thought about what Leila would look like, but now I can't imagine my child looking any different.

  2. I know. Every time I tried to picture what Cole would look like, all I could see was Brady's face. Then he came out and looks nothing like him! But he is changing a little more every day and I am already starting to see more of Brady's features on him.



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