Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby's First Christmas... tree??

Here I sit, 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant, not sure if 2008 will be "Baby's First Christmas" after all. We had our 39 week doctor appointment yesterday and she doesn't seem to have any confidence that this little guy is on his way out anytime soon. No dilation, no thinning, no dropping... no nothin'. We have our 40 week appointment next Wed., and if the situation is the same, she said she won't even think about inducing me yet (apparently 50% of inductions in my state result in c-section). Fan-tastic! So, now we let nature continue to take its (very slow) course, and help it along any way we can-- walk, walk, walk some more, do squats and eat plenty of pineapple!

But while we wait, and to pass the time while I'm home, we've constructed "Baby's First Christmas tree"... Fingers crossed that we don't have to duplicate it all again next year!

A "not so little" E, but you get the picture

Really getting use out of those shower decorations!

I couldn't resist this baby ornament with its little blue blankie!

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