Thursday, December 18, 2008

Due Day!

Well, it's here. The day we've been waiting for since April... due day! Secretly (or, not so secretly), we didn't really think we'd be without Lil E come Dec. 18th, since he should have technically been due on the 11th. But here we are, still waiting to see when he'll make his appearance. We had our 40 week appointment yesterday and I'm happy to report that I am finally dilated to 1 and am 50% effaced. Now, I realize that there's a lot of ground to cover from 1 to 10cm, but 1 is better than nothing, so I'll take it! Just need to work on getting that effacement to 100% and my breakfast of champions (pinapple) should hopefully do the trick! And a couple of contractions wouldn't hurt either, so I may take a stroll through Dominick's (the doctor laughed out loud when I told him yesterday I only get contractions at Dominick's, but it's true!) And walking, of course. Lots and lots of walking!

So, what's next? We have another appointment on Xmas Eve (yeah, I know) and the doctor will hook me up to the fetal monitor for 20-30 mins to do a stress test; make sure he's still thriving in there and has enough amniotic fluid to get him through the holiday. And I'm guessing they're going to assess his size, as their last guesstimate was that he'd be about 8.5 lbs (yikes!) If all is well, they'll send us on our way, and have us come back for another stress test that Sat., at which time we'll schedule an induction. This, again, all assumes he doesn't come on his own before then. We'll keep you posted along the way.

Those of you in Chicago know that we have another Winter storm warning this afternoon, so everyone keep your fingers crossed that if he does decide to come today, Matt will be able to get our little CRV out of the parking lot!

Here are some pics from the snow day on Tuesday, which was actually very beautiful to watch, so long as you didn't have to drive in it. Travel time from Chicago to O'Hare during rush hour was up to 4 hours-- unheard of! I got a great shot of Tinley gazing out the window at the snow, I've never seen him do that before... But don't worry, he got to play in it when Dad got home. He was covered in little snowballs!!


  1. great pictures, especially the last one! good luck guys. the strausses are thinking about you!

  2. Since we did not hear anything from the last snow storm, we have our fingers crossed for this next one! It is coming out of the "Texas Pan-handle" and is presumed to be a whopper! Love, in waiting "Great-Aunt-To-Be" Aunt Daretta

  3. I was just checking to see if you'd had the baby yet. Good luck over the holidays!



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