Friday, December 26, 2008

Braden Charles Eatherton has finally arrived!

Yesterday was an amazing whirlwind of a day! On Christmas Eve, we had our non-stress test at the doctor's office and found out that our baby boy was actually in breech position! So, instead of waiting for an induction on Tuesday, they quickly scheduled us for a c-section first thing yesterday morning.

"First thing" turned into a day long event... the patient scheduled for the 10:30a c-section went into labor just before we were going to start and had to be taken first. Then, two other women came in with natural deliveries which required our doctor's immediate attention, so we fell even further back in line. Finally, around 2pm it was our turn and wow, what an experience! Matt was beside me throughout the surgery and was able to see to baby as soon as he was... extracted. Hearing him cry for the first time was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. I was in love before I even laid my eyes on him!

It didn't take long for Matt and I to agree on a name for "Lil E" (although, I'm sure that nickname will stick around)... Braden Charles Eatherton, Brady for short. Braden was a name that Matt and I liked equally from the first time we heard it, and when we tried it out on him, he seemed to respond positively (ie, he quit crying for about 3 seconds!) Charles is in honor of Matt's grandfather who has passed but still means a great deal to Matt. Eatherton... well, that's just our last name :)

After surgery, and once Braden was assessed, weighed in and measured (7 lbs. and 13oz., 21 inches), we headed to the recovery room for a few hours. Once we finally made our way to our room, we were greeted by both my and Matt's parents, my sister and brother, and Matt's sister and brother-in-law. It was a great reception, with plenty of kisses and cuddles. And lots and lots of pictures; our son's first taste of paparazzi!

Last night was a bit of a rough one. Matt and I officially know what it's like to be new parents (no sleep!), but things have been going well today. Brady is taking to his feedings and has actually taken a few naps. He also got to meet his Great Grandma Bubby! We'll be at the hospital until Monday afternoon and welcome any and all visitors. We love to show off our little man :) Early assessment is that he has Dad's eyes and toes and Mom's nose, mouth and ears.

For those of you who are just here for the photos, I apologize for all my ramblings. We're just so overwhelmed with joy! Without further ado... we proudly introduce Braden Charles!

Brady's very first photo!

Brady and Grandma Bunny

Brady with Uncle Mike, Auntie Manny, Grandma and Grandpa Stetzer

With Grandpa and Grandma Eatherton, Dad, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Jason

I love to open my eyes really wide!

Our first family photo!

A close up shot!

Brady with Grandma Stetzer and Great Grandma Bubby

Sleeping with Dad

We'll be updating the blog with lots of updates and of course, lots of photos, so please come back and visit soon!

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