Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh no, these are my parents?!

I forgot to add a picture my brother took with his camera phone. Yes, this is really a picture of our son. I told you he likes to open his eyes really wide!


  1. Brady says..... Ohhhhh Crap! While typing this, Lauren looks over and lets out a huge cooooo! Welcome to te world Brady and congrats on your new names... mom and dad!

  2. Braden, you are in good hands little guy. These two are the very finest people on the planet and will be terrific parents. Treat them well. Welcome to our family!

  3. Braden, I know they look scary but they are really very nice.

    Love ya guys and welcome Braden!

    Oh yea, Braden don't worry the rest of the family looks normal ;)



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