Monday, December 29, 2008

We're Home!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we were discharged from Northwestern today. Amazing...less than 72 hours after major abdominal surgery and a new human being breathing his first breath, we were able to go home. It feels great to be back in the comfort of our normal surroundings.

As a side note, I would have to say that I'm really, really impressed with the quality care, informative/supportive staff, and amazing facilities that Northwestern has. Truly some of the worlds best health care....right in our back yard. We're very lucky.

We'd be lying to everyone if said we weren't a little anxious, outside hospital walls. Having a nurse at your fingertips is definitely a luxury that we wish we could take home. However, we're up the challenge. Brady seems to love his new room and has already fixated his eyes on our TV. He loves flashing lights and colors. Tinley is still on vacation in the suburbs with the Stetzers and comes home on Tuesday. Should be quite interesting to see how our"first son" reacts to this noisy, squirmy thing that showed up and trumped him in the pecking order!

Heather has had a rough couple days, so I just relieved her for a few hours to take a nap. I can't stop staring at him making funny sounds, movements while he sleeps...funny stuff. Heather has been a great mom. She and Brady are feeding every 2-3 hours, on the hour, so it's definitely not easy. The entire time she has kept her chin up and had a very positive, even when things get frustrating.

I'm off of work for a bit and Heather has to avoid stairs and driving for a few weeks, so we'll be camping out at home for a while. If anyone in Chicago is interested in coming by, give us a call...we'd love to introduce you to Brady.

Lots more pics, videos, and updates coming a bit later this week!

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